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Joomla, features and usages out of the box

Participante(s) : Yann Gomiero, Philippe Marty
Idioma : Français Nivel : Principiante Actividad : Conferencia
Fecha : Jueves 8 de julio de 2010 Horario : 09h40 Duración : 20 minutes
Lugar : ENSEIRB - Amphi A

Joomla is part of the top 3 most used CMS in the world. Accessible to the mass thanks to its easy to use interface, Joomla is also able to answer advanced needs (,,, …)

  • What are the best usage of Joomla? How to overtake its limits?
  • We will focus on the importance of the choice of extensions, by having a tour of the must have, those who are adding value to the product
  • Joomla would not have encountered such a success without its community. Discover the french meetings of Joomla and its most active groups.
  • How to learn and work with the support of the Joomla community?
  • What to expect from the future Joomla 1.6. What are the new features and how to handle the migration?

The speakers

Yann Gomiero

Yann GOMIERO is the co-founder of the French Association of Joomla Users (AFUJ). He takes part in the community development and maintains websites thanks to active members and association volunteers.

On a professional side, he works as a freelance integrator and share his skills with communication agency, in order to help them in their technical choice. Between multiple projects of social networks, a Joomla book and the french community management, Yann Gomiero just started to develop his own CSS framework.

Philippe Marty

Philippe MARTY is the founder and CEO of his company, Atelier 51, which is specialized in Web integration, consulting and digital technology trainings.

He is also cofounder and co-chairman of the CLUSIR Aquitaine, regional agency for information systems security promotion.
He is also partner and trainer at the Echangeur Bordeaux Aquitaine since a couple of years. He handles workshops concerning computing security, best practice and web ergonomy.

He works with Joomla since his company debutes in 2005, and then specialized in web integration of this CMS for various projects, from blogs to e-commerce websites, through public agencies websites or catalogs.