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OpenVPN - Simple, Secure and Flexible VPN solution for home and business

Participante(s) : Romain Bourgue
Idioma : English Nivel : Consolidado Actividad : Conferencia
Fecha : Martes 6 de julio de 2010 Horario : 17h00 Duración : 40 minutes
Lugar : ENSEIRB - Amphi D
Temas transversales : En anglais

In brief

  • Introduction : Quick overview of today’s VPN solutions (IPSEC, L2TP-IPSEC, PPTP, "Web based VPN" so-called WebVPN, WebSSL, OpenVPN…). Pros and cons to choose the right one for the right thing…!
  • Focus on OpenVPN :
    • The secure layers of OpenVPN :
      • Authentication
      • Encryption
      • Encapsulation (networking) : tunneling vs tapping, UDP vs TCP - why TCP over TCP is not good…
    • OS/Admin side : hooks and pluggability, security
    • Using OpenVPN :
      • a 4 lines config file, and it works !
      • performance, features and limitations
    • "Once upon a time…" - Few tales and demos featuring OpenVPN :
      • "Escaping the bad and restrictive (web proxy | 3G connection)" or ’how to establish a VPN through a web proxy’
      • "The OpenVPN server, the CAS Web SSO and the firewall (…and plenty of Windows users)", a tale from a business wonderland
    • Need help ?


Romain Bourgue is a passionate promoter of effective security and FOSS for the french Civil Service since 2002.

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