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Tanaguru: free software to improve websites!

Participante(s) : Matthieu Faure
Idioma : Français Nivel : Consolidado Actividad :
Fecha : Miércoles 7 de julio de 2010 Horario : 15h00 Duración : 20 minutes
Lugar : ENSEIRB - Amphi A
Temas transversales : Accessibilité

Free software for accessibility automated audits, a little, passionately… no, just passionately :)

Accessibility evaluation of a website consists in checking its conformity against cases. Even nowadays, this work, to be handled seriously, is done by hand. Tanaguru is an innovating free software, developed by an Accessiweb expert, aimed to help in the accessibility evaluation.

About Matthieu FAURE

Matthieu Faure has been part of the first AccessiWeb experts (2004). He actively contributed to the creation of different methods to apply Web accessibility guidelines (AccessiWeb 1.1, AccessiWeb 2.0, RGAA). He works on the way of promoting standards and Free software. Furthermore, he is a member of the "Association pour le Logiciel Libre"’s bureau.

He is a computer engineer , he has worked in several start-ups and big companies, and finally became a freelance consultant before creating SAS Open-S in 2009.


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