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XenoControl: a High Availability Management Console For Xen Clusters

Participante(s) : Jérôme Petazzoni
Idioma : Français Nivel : Consolidado Actividad : Conferencia
Fecha : Viernes 9 de julio de 2010 Horario : 14h40 Duración : 40 minutes
Lugar : ENSEIRB - Amphi D

Enix and SmartJog (TDF group) have developed for their internal needs an Open Source tool nicknamed "XenoControl", which aims at making easier to manage pools of Xen virtual machines.

XenoControl can enumerate virtual machines and their configuration, control them, and migrate them in a fully automated manner (even if they use "local storage", i.e. without NFS, AOE or iSCSI).

XenoControl is written in Python and boasts a simple CLI, for easy integration within scripts or third-party tools. Inter-host communication uses a decentralized, SPOF-less protocol based on spread: it does not require installation of a central management console, it can be used from any computer, and host failure does not impair the rest of the cluster whatsoever.

XenoControl top features are:

  1. Robustness (thanks to its decentralized protocol, making it suitable for high-availability environments);
  2. Availability to "hot-migrate" virtual machines without requiring networked storage;
  3. Simplicity: XenoControl fits seamlessly into an existing Xen deployment and you can easily modify its Python code to suit your needs.