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FusionForge, one year and a half later

Participante(s) : Roland Mas
Fecha : Miércoles 7 de julio de 2010 Horario : 15h20 Duración : 40 minutes
Lugar : ENSEIRB - Amphi C
Temas transversales : En anglais

The presentation

PDF - 149.1 KB

A presentation of FusionForge as it nears its first-and-a-half birthday; from the origins of the project to current status to plans for the future, with a look at the achievements that happened since last year, the ongoing development efforts (including in the contexts of the PlanetForge initiative and the COCLICO project), and the community building.

The speaker

Roland Mas started by installing SourceForge for two users in a company. Bit by bit, he became a Debian developer in charge of the Sourceforge package (and later of its descendants), then an active contributor to GForge, then fouding member of FusionForge. The whole was initially made in evenings and week-ends mode, but was transformed to professional activity to allow Roland to be paid for working on Libre software.

See also the room dedicated to software forges hosting the PlanetForge community meetup.