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Milkymist: a free System-on-Chip for real-time video

Participante(s) : Sébastien Bourdeauducq
Idioma : Français Nivel : Experto Actividad : Conferencia
Fecha : Martes 6 de julio de 2010 Horario : 17h00 Duración : 40 minutes
Lugar : ENSEIRB - Amphi E

With the simultaneous reduction of the cost and increased availability of dense and performant FPGAs, it now becomes possible for individuals to design digital chips, and therefore push the limits of free software down to the digital design. Milkymist is one of the current biggest open hardware project, designing a system-on-chip with performance and resource utilization in mind, specifically for real-time video shows and artistic events.

The conference will present the origins of the project, the various hardware opening levels, Milkymist features, a brief explanations of the development methods, and a live demonstration of a prototype (including a Linux boot on Milkymist).

The speaker :

Sébastien Bourdeauducq is a science and technologies enthousiast. He is, since 2008, one of the principal members of the /tmp/lab, a hackerspace in Paris, and participated in the organisation of the Hacker Space Festivals. His projects include the open System-on-Chip Milkymist (2007-2010), Consumer-B-Gone (2008) - speficic phone ring tone driving anti-theft systems of supermarket trolleys, the development of Wi-Fi drivers and stack for the Nabaztag/tag (2006) and the reverse engineering of the Prism 54 Wi-Fi cards (2005-2006). Web:


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Milkymist: a free System-on-Chip for real-time video