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Workshop « Hackable Devices » (1/3)

Speaker(s) : Mitch Altman, Jimmie P. Rodgers, Hackable Devices team
Language : English Level : Newbie Nature : Workshop
Date : Tuesday 6 July 2010 Schedule : 14h00 Duration : 180 minutes
Place: Bat. A22 - Salle 108

Free Software has not only brought freedom to software. At hackable-devices we strongly believe hardware and electronics can be used and developed within the same community process. We think that DIY culture and learning-by-doing should be encouraged. We know that people can meet to create, improve and have fun. We are confident that objects should be really yours.

Animated by Mitch Altman, Jimmie P. Rodgers and the team, you can make your very first steps through simple and fun projects, in a good mood.

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