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Web Accessibility: quick tour of preconceived ideas

Speaker(s) : Armony Altinier
Language : Français Level : Newbie Nature : Conference
Date : Wednesday 7 July 2010 Schedule : 14h20 Duration : 20 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi A
Transversal topics: Accessibility

Web accessibility has become a fashion topic. So much that today, everybody feel concerned by proposing commercial offers for accessible websites.
Between announce effects and the real reality, lots of preconceived ideas and fake good ideas pop out, so as we finish to get lost.

Quick tour of those clichés, collected by experience, to defeat them and to define, by opposition, what is really the Web accessibility.

The Speakers


Armony Altinier is an AccessiWeb expert and works as a freelance consultant in Web accessibility. She manage the accessibility and free software workgroup at April, created in 2009.
She coordinates, with Samuel THibaut, the accessibility and handicap session for the RMLL 2010 at Bordeaux, and previously, at RMLL 2009 in Nantes, with Wilfried Estachy.