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Using to create content for people with special needs

Intervenant(s) : Christophe Strobbe
Langue : English Niveau : Débutant Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Mercredi 7 juillet 2010 Horaire : 14h40 Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : Bat. A22 - Amphi Franklin
Thèmes transversaux : AccessibilitéEn anglais

The European project AEGIS develops tools and applications with the goal of mainstreaming accessibility. Some of these developments are or will become available as extensions for : an extension for converting OpenDocument Text to DAISY digital talking books (odt2daisy, released on SourceForge in November 2009), an extension for converting OpenDocument Text to Braille, and an extension to support symbol-based communication for persons with cognitive impairments. This presentation will discuss the goals of these developments and provide demonstrations.

About Christophe Strobbe

Christophe Strobbe is a researcher specialised in web accessibility ; he has been working for the research group DocArch (Document Architectures) of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Leuven, Belgium) since 2001. He has contributed to the European projects VISUAL (2001-2004), IDCnet (2002-2005), BenToWeb (2004-2007), USEM (2007-2010), AEGIS (2008-2011), STAND4ALL (2009-2010) and eGovMoNet (2008-2010), and to a number of university projects with the goal to increase accessibility of the university’s ICT infrastructure. During the BenToWeb project he also contributed to the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology (UWEM). He has been a member of W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG) since April 2005 and co-facilitator of WAI Test Samples Development Task Force (TSD TF) since July 2006.