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The illustrated guide to your first contribution to openSUSE

Intervenant(s) : Vincent Untz
Date : Vendredi 9 juillet 2010 Horaire : 14h00 Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi C

The presentation

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Since the creation of the openSUSE project in 2005, we have payed a particular attention to the opening to contributions from anyone willing to participate to the project. This process has allowed us to make more and more facets of the project available to all, and the goal is to go beyond the simple openness, to make contributions even more easy to make.

In this presentation, examples of contributions will be performed in real time in order to illustrate in a concrete way the different ways to contribute to a project like openSUSE : from package creation, to bug triaging, or by helping users or promotion. There are many ways to contribute.

The explicit goal of this presentation is to break the psychologic barrier that prevents many people to make the first step as contributors, by illustrating the fact that each one can participate depending on competence — and this being true, whether speaking about openSUSE or any free software project.

The speaker

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Vincent Untz likes to introduce himself as a generalist in GNOME and openSUSE, as he contributes (in a random way, according to some) at many levels in these projects. While he tries to cure his tendency to create code, Vincent still is an active developer, at the same time he’s involved in the projects’ management, in particular for GNOME : he then became the Release Manager of GNOME and one of the board members of the GNOME Foundation. He’s still trying to make it adopt french as an official language for GNOME, and has good hopes to achive this goal soon.

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