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Teleparticipation to practice lession. Application to access to all lessons for handicaped students

Speaker(s) : François Demontoux
Language : Français Level : Newbie Nature : Conference
Date : Wednesday 7 July 2010 Schedule : 17h00 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: LaBRI - Amphi 050
Transversal topics: Accessibility


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We have to provide access to our university courses to students with disabilities. To reach this goal a work has been started to improve access to buildings. Further adaptations are necessary for practicals work stations. This work has been started within the Phase pilot team of Bordeaux I University. Our project aims at building up a information database which will facilitate the implementation of the approach within other French university. Mutualisation of acquired knowledge will allow a good practices sharing in France. The communication about this website will provide access to industrial actors to real examples of possible working stations adaptations. This information database will, for example, present analyses of free software being used to adapt teaching contents (creation of Human-Machines Interfaces), comparative studies on specific equipment prices, adaptated solutions for practical works and informations about structures which can support the financing of buying such equipments.

We will present the work realised when a student with physical disability arrived in the civil engineering department of IUT Bordeaux. The objective was to study and implement ways to allow this student to attend (see and hear) and participate (ask questions, do distant handling) in practicals.

The advantage of the use of free software in our approach is the openness of the tools. We wish to develop free applications made available to the education environment to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities in all university cursus.




François Demontoux has received a PHD from University of Bordeaux in 1199 (Instrumentations and measures). He was appointed lecturer in 2002. He is a researcher at the IMS-UMR 5218 lab and teaches at the electrical and computing industrial engineering department of IUT Bordeaux 1.

He committed himself to the PHASE team of the University. This team works on providing university access to students who, for different reasons (disability, extra-curricular activities) can not attend the regular curricula. The PHASE project allows students to adapt his timetable, length of study and to benefit from individual coaching or technical adaptations for students with disabilities.

Aware of the importance and difficulty of the work, every year he implements with his students projects to adapt practicals working stations for students with disabilities.