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SystemTap : Full System Observability for Linux

Intervenant(s) : Adrien Kunysz
Langue : English Niveau : Confirmé Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Jeudi 8 juillet 2010 Horaire : 15h00 Durée : 60 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi B
Thèmes transversaux : En anglais
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La conférence

SystemTap is a tracing and debugging tool that allows you to instrument virtually any part of a GNU/Linux system dynamically without requiring explicit support from the targeted application.

If you ever had the need to add a printf() without rebuilding and restarting the application ; if you ever wanted to see a live fork/execve tree of your running system ; if you ever dreamed of running strace system-wide ; if you ever had the need to collect performance measurements of specific function calls on your live production system be it in kernel or userland, you should be interested in SystemTap.

This talk will describe the SystemTap architecture, how to get started and will show practical examples. We will discuss limitations, performance and safety as well as how it compares to other debugging and tracing tools.


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Adrien Kunysz

Adrien Kunysz has been working as a Technical Support Engineer at Red Hat UK since June 2008. He uses SystemTap to help customers and colleagues worldwide diagnose performance and functional issues both at system and application level on a regular basis and has established himself as the local SystemTap expert within his team.