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Soldering workshop and fun introduction to microcontrollers !

From John Lejeune - May 11, 2010

Don’t be shy, enjoy the 2010 Free Software Meeting and learn by doing the basics of soldering and the use of microcontrollers ! With these free workshops, led by Mitch Altman, Jimmie P. Rodgers and the team, you can make your very first steps through simple and fun projects, in a good mood.

Mitch Altman is the inventor of the famous TV-B-Gone universal remote control, whose main function is to turn off television. All televisions … Mitch is also a founder of the first San Francisco hackerspace, a cool place called « Noisebridge ». You’ll take the opportunity to test yourself another of his invention, the « Trip Glasses », or may be discuss with this very nice guy.

Jimmie is a « full-time hacker » and a « Circuit Bending » fan in the Boston area. He run a monthly electronic music event called « Noise Night ». He is the source of several introductives kits to electronics, mainly around Arduino. This will be an opportunity to discover kits in real life, such as the Open Heart, the LoLShield, or the Atari Punk Console as well. In other words, the electronic fun !
Warning, this gentleman has a contagious good humor ! :)

Born from a discussion between hackers during the « HAR 2009 », the project goes far beyond a simple online store. Like the website introduce it, « Free Software has not only brought freedom to software. […] We are confident that objects should be really yours. » During the event, you’ll be able to try most of the products featured onto the website, but also share your projects, your needs, your desires.

Since all these hackers travel the world to popularize electronics and offer free workshops around the Libre hardware, you’ll always find a partner who can probably answer your questions, even you are English, German, Spanish, Dutch or French. A Worldwide Meetings somehow !