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SPIP, a green publishing system

Intervenant(s) : Camille Lafitte
Langue : Français Niveau : N/A Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Mercredi 7 juillet 2010 Horaire : 09h20 Durée : 20 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi A
Thèmes transversaux : Développement durable

Against performances topic, resources usage optimization going more and more important, SPIP deploys its abilities to adapt itself to those constraints.

As an answer to thse problems, SPIP ships several tools such as a compiled skeleton system, optimized queries, a debugger, a profiler and a cache system.

These tools offer by default a quite important optimization, allowing users (developers, editors etc.) to spend their effort on the most essential : the content.

During this conference, we will talk about SPIP abilities to answer back to ecological questions the actual computing sciences raise.

The Speakers

Camille Lafitte

Camille Lafitte, indeed a developer, takes part of the Internet system publishing SPIP, as a community spokesman for several meetings, such as the RMLL.