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Permanent Workshop on Science and Free-Libre Software : from OLPC to workstations

Intervenant(s) : Jean Thiéry
Niveau : Confirmé Type d'événement : Démonstration
Date : Mardi 6 juillet 2010 Durée : 0 minutes

Attend the scientific workshop !

Jean Thiery Workshops supplement conferences and round tables with
- demonstrations,
- customized information,
- constructive dialogues,
- small group discussions,
- etc.

The permanent Workshop on Science and Free-Libre Software will emphasize the essential role of free-libre software for the development of Science.

Free-libre scientific software is developed by skilled experts. It competes with proprietary software for quality. Computer programs are refutable while proprietary ones are not. How can we evaluate a scientific publication based on a computer program if this program is closed and cannot be analysed ?

The workshop will be open to scientific popularization, especially with the OLPC project (One Laptop Per Child)… . Demonstrations will be presented with the Sugar learning platform on XO computers and on USB keys.

Who can participate in the organization of this workshop ?

  • With information on various free-libre software or resource for education and science
    • eminent Web sites,
    • documents for display,
    • flyers for distribution, etc.
  • With computer demonstrations.
  • With discussion topics.
  • With a temporary or permanent presence in the workshop, etc.

Biography of Jean Thiéry

Jean Thiéry develops the ModLibre Web site : "Free-Libre Scientific Software for Borderless Modelling"

He participates in the following associations
- Aful :
- Axul :
- OLPC :
- SFBT :