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PLF, the story of a third-party repository like no other for Mandriva

Speaker(s) : Michael Scherer
Date : Friday 9 July 2010 Schedule : 14h40 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi C

The presentation

PDF - 216 kb

PLF is a set of programs for the Mandriva distribution, distributed separately for licensing reasons of mainly legal matters (patents, DMCA, etc.).

During the presentation, I plan to address the following topics :

  • process and workflow in a classical binary distribution (actually Mandriva)
  • issues raised by patents, DMCA, etc. regarding free software
  • a history of the PLF, its creation and its goals
  • issues raised by third party reporitories for a distribution
  • collaboration strategy with the base distribution

The speaker

User of libre systems since 2002, Michael Scherer is a long time contributor to Mandriva Linux. On his spare time, he keeps spending time on attempting to break his servers or fixing others’ on IRC.

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