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PHP code audits

Intervenant(s) : Damien Seguy
Date : Mardi 6 juillet 2010 Horaire : 16h20 Durée : 20 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi C

The presentation

PDF - 9.5 Mo

This talk will show how to audit a PHP application.

The code is audited in order to find security weakness or low quality code patterns to clean.Then, each problem is explained and searched inside the application.

And last, we will show how to set up an audit report and how to organize the development team to follow the audit guidelines.

The author

Damien Seguy is manager at Alter Way Consulting, the libre software expertise center of the Alter Way group.

Damien focuses on industrialization and security in the LAMP stack, and shares his experience in security and technology watch. He promotes PHP, MySQL and libre software to companies and institutions. He’s the author of several books, and co-author of Zend certifications, and co-founder of AFUP and PHP Québec.