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Nagios and large environments monitoring

Intervenant(s) : Jean Gabes
Langue : Français Niveau : Confirmé Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Mercredi 7 juillet 2010 Horaire : 17h00 Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi D

Monitoring is compulsory when we talk about system administration.

Nagios is today the leading opensource monitoring project, especially thanks to its ability to monitor large environments.

I’m going to talk about the different features about this like its configuration management with configuration factorization or distributed architectures (natives or with Centreon). A section will be related to the future of Nagios, especially with large distributed and highly available environments monitoring and the different discussions around Nagios lately.

Introduction to monitoring and Nagios

  1. Nagios basics.
  2. Problem faced when monitoring large environments.

Nagios configuration management : factorize the configuration as much as possible thanks to development methods.

  1. Object inheritance .
  2. Advanced inheritance.

Distributed architectures

  1. Load sharing with DNX.
  2. Multiply Nagios instances with NDO.
  3. Simple distributed environments with Centreon.
  4. Problems still not resolved.

Opening regarding the future of Nagios

A possible implementation changes with the Shinken project bringing distributed and highly available environments, UTF-8, and new database exports (couchdb, sqlite, etc…)

Speaker :

Author of french book "Nagios 3 pour la supervision et la métrologie : Déploiement, configuration et optimisation"

Member of Centreon et Nagios-fr communities, developed many important patches for Nagios, developer of a new Nagios implementation called Shinken used to monitor large distributed and highly available environments.

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