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NVDA key demo

Speaker(s) : Sylvain Grille
Language : Français Level : Newbie Nature : Showcase
Date : Tuesday 6 July 2010 Schedule : 16h20 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: Bat. A22 - Amphi Franklin
Transversal topics: Accessibility

NVDAKey is a portable software which permits to start NVDA, the screen reader, from any computer, without installation, simply from a USB key.

Usage of any computer with the NVDAKey and usage of Firefox to consult the site and program of the cinema of the city of the speaker, as well as the municipal bulletin.

Sylvain Grille

I am a part-time teacher in a (normal) secondary school, I am available to the AVH during the other part of my time.

I am 60 years old with at most one more year to achieve before retiring. I am member of the AVH comity of Eure.