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Movim − creating an Open Source social network

Speaker(s) : Timothée Jaussoin
Language : Français Level : Newbie Nature : Conference
Date : Friday 9 July 2010 Schedule : 15h00 Duration : 20 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi A

Nowadays, it barely exists no free, open source and decentralized social network; neither respecting ethic rules or user privacy.

The Movim project ( aims to provide a solution to this problem. During the conference, we will demonstrate we can both marry social network with transparency and respect. Many aspects of the technical architecture will be shown (XMPP, PHP, Apache etc.).

The Speakers

Timothée Jaussoin

Student at the Computer Sciences University of Bordeaux I. He is the instigator of the Movim project, and its main contributor.
He is very active in the free software community (Ubuntu, Wikipedia and now, Movim) and wishes to apply its principles (share, respect, transparency) to social networks. He is defending the idea of an open Internet network, decentralized, standard compliant and barrier-free.