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Meeting of pro-libre organisations

Intervenant(s) : René Mérou, ...
Langue : Français Niveau : Débutant Type d'événement : Table ronde
Date : Jeudi 8 juillet 2010 Horaire : 14h00 Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : Bat. A22 - Amphi Edison
This meeting will be open to communications in every oficial language of the RMLL : Spanish, English, French
A simultaneous translation service will be offered


There are many kinds of Free Software groups and organizations. The reasons may be personal or groupal, the fact is that we don’t co-operate as much as we could, and nevertheless we all work in the same direction, that of defending the common values of Free Software. The aim of the present Meeting is to seek ideas for improving the communication and the cooperation among the different organizations.

Why ? In order to respond empathetically or by sharing efforts when one of the organizations needs some help from the others. It may be a common project affecting us all, it might be that one of the associations seeks visibility for a local initiative.

We don’t plan to create new structures or make up new tasks to do, we just want to improve the connections among associations or groups, and therefore achieve an extra support from our "friend" groups.

Planning of the Meeting

  • Some minutes to introduce the Panel speakers or the people supporting the idea
  • Agree on a number of common values related to Free Software that we are prepared to defend
  • The speakers list examples of procedures and ideas which they believe may help in our work for those values
  • Procedures and ideas from the audience (it’s important to emphasize that there isn’t a single solution, and that anyone can contact and work with any group in the way they freely choose)

Final Minutes

  • exchange of contacts and establishment of informal agreements of co-operation. Notes : (1) flexibility - an everybody-connected-to-everybody network is not necessary. (2) We hope that the personal links created by the people attending the Meeting may help keep these relations alive.