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Speaker(s) : Sebastien Bahloul - David Carella (Linagora)
Date : Tuesday 6 July 2010 Duration : 40 minutes

In brief

Every day, more files are exchanged through unsecured and untraced ways. The LinShare application, released in AGPLv3 in October 2009, supports many features to avoid wasting bandwith, share files in a easier way, secure actions through digital signature and encryption, get a full history and integrate with third party applications (ThunderBird, OBM, Alfresco, …)

This talk will show you how to deploy this application, to use it in your own environment and to use signing and encryption features.


Sebastien Bahloul has joined Linagora six years ago and is now in charge of two business lines : Security and Identity. On the other hand, he is also OSS co/leader for different identity and security centric projects (LinID, LinShare, LSC, …).

David Carella is a PKI and security expert engineer at LINAGORA. He currently works on LinPKI Security Suite. David has more than 10 years of Open Source and security software industry experience and his considered an expert in cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI) domains. He wrote a book about such subjects that was published in 2003 “PKI Open Source”, by O’Reilly in France.