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Liberty, Accessibility, Fraternity... and sustainable development

Intervenant(s) : Armony Altinier, Vincent Bergeot, Gilles Bignebat, Jean-Philippe Mengual, François Poulain, Samuel Thibault
Langue : Français Niveau : Débutant Type d'événement : Table ronde
Date : Mercredi 7 juillet 2010 Horaire : 16h20 Durée : 80 minutes
Lieu : Bat. A22 - Amphi Franklin
Thèmes transversaux : AccessibilitéDéveloppement durable

Free software and accessibility are closely related and Free software has many advantages over proprietary software, both from philosophical and technical points of view.

Moreover, now that it is not possible to think about economical development without thinking sustainably, what about software development ? How an approach based on free software can be more sustainable ? And how numeric accessibility can participate to more sustainable free software ?

This round table, gathering the two transversal topics highlighted this year in the Libre Software Meeting, aims at taking the time to raise questions and try to answer them collectively.