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Integrating OpenWrt on the neufbox 4

Intervenant(s) : Anthony Viallard, Raphaël Huck, Miguel Gaio
Langue : Français Niveau : Confirmé Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Jeudi 8 juillet 2010 Horaire : 14h00 Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi E

4 years ago, a small team was created at Efixo in Marseille in order to develop the firmware of the future neubox 4 for Neuf Cegetel (since then bought by SFR). Since the beginning, Raphaël HUCK has only one idea in mind : make the sources of the neufbox firmware and the various patches public and available. Thanks to the support of an engineering guy, he obtains the autorization to publish in August 2007, the Broadcom consumer release on….

2 years ago, he managed to convince the project leader and the other developers in his team to switch from Broadcom’s environment to OpenWrt, despite the time required to do the migration and the various adaptations, taking into account the additionnal work load. Since the migration, the team is satisisfied from the flexibility and the advantages brought by OpenWrt.

Since April 15th, 2010, the sources allowing a recompilation of a neufbox firmware to an identical production release is available at :

The speakers :

* Arnaud ANDRE is a developer in the neubox team since 2007. He is a defender of open source softwares, hacker in his spare time and an OpenWrt user on his Linksys devices. He has been seduced by this migration. For him the advantages are there : - access to the wide number of OpenWrt packages - more flexibility - easy integration of new packages - support from a wide community of users and developers - satisfaction of upstreaming fixes or packages to the community

* Raphaël HUCK was hired by Efixo in 2006 in order to develop the neubox configuration web interface. Since then, he has done more to take care of the relationship with the OpenWrt developers and various free software projects, and upstreaming patches and fixes developed at Efixo, propose ideas to ease the integration with OpenWrt. He also maintains several OpenWrt packages and manages the source platform at

* Miguel GAIO is in charge of the neufbox firmware integration since 2006. He is convinced by the mutual collaboration resulting from the use of OpenWrt. He is co-working with Raphaël on upstreaming patches and fixes. At the same time, he tries to make the official neufbox firmware more OpenWrt-like, ultimately being able to bring a stock OpenWrt firmware on the neufbox with an equal service quality.

Presentation slides :

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Integrating OpenWrt on the Neufbox4