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Integrating eZ Publish to an information system

Intervenant(s) : Gilles Guirand
Langue : Français Niveau : Confirmé Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Jeudi 8 juillet 2010 Horaire : 11h00 Durée : 20 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi A

eZ Publish is a CMS (Content Management System), or rather a CMF (Content Management Framework), edited by eZ Systems and distributed under GNU/GPL licence. This tool is used since a couple of years some high trafic french websites and has seduced many Fortune 500 firms, public or private, against concurrent proprietary CMS :

  • Press : Lagardère, Prisma Presse, Canal+
  • Fortune 500 / Public companies : SNCF, La Poste, Orange, OSEO, INRA, Institut de recherche pour le développement, CIRAD, INRIA
  • Banks, financing : BP, Société Générale, Cofinoga
  • Tourism : CRT Picardie, CRT Bretagne, CRT Languedoc
  • NGO : WWF

eZ Publish has been distinguished merely by its capacity to be integrated an existing information system.
This talk will propose a showcase of the CMS features, through examples and case studies.

The Speakers

Gilles Guirand

Gilles GUIRAND, certified eZ Publish expert, is well known in the community as a national expert on complex eZ Publish problematics. He conceives Web architectures since 12 years, and is leading some very ambitious eZ Publish projects : website factories, high performance, widgets, SOA, eZ Find, SSO, accessibility and information system integration.

Documents joints

Presentation Slides
Presentation Slides (PowerPoint - 5 Mo)