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How to make applications accessible?

Speaker(s) : Samuel Thibault
Language : English Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Friday 9 July 2010 Schedule : 09h20 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi C
Transversal topics: Accessibility
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Contrary to internationalization (abbreviated i18n) which requires translators for each supported language, accessibility (abbreviated a11y) is partly handled automatically, independently of the types of handicaps. For instance, gnome applications and more generally all gtk applications are a priori "accessible" thanks to the ATK component which handles making GTK widgets accessible (via the standard AT-SPI interface).

A priori only. Indeed, even if all the content of the interface of some software is accessible, a lot of defects can make its use hard or even impossible.

My talk will hence be organized the following way:

  • what is accessibility?
  • automatic mechanisms for accessibility
  • typical defects and traps
  • accessibility checkup tools.



Samuel Thibault

Samuel is an assistance professor in computer science, he tinkers with Linux since 1998, started to get interest in accessibility since he met Sebastien Hinderer in 2001, and never stopped since then.

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