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GpuCV: a library for image processing on GPU processor

Speaker(s) : Yannick Allusse
Language : English Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Wednesday 7 July 2010 Schedule : 17h00 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi E

In recent years, graphics processors (GPUs) provide power computing far greater than traditional processors (CPU). Their field of use has extended beyond the 3D display and video games to conquer areas as diverse as scientific computing, the stock market simulation, image processing and generally any application that can be parallelized massively. GpuCV is a library ported on any GPU for image processing and machine vision opencv, developed in the computer lab and network "TELECOM SudParis Evry" since 2005. This project consists of an SDK to facilitate the development and deployment of operators developed in OpenGL / CUDA / OpenCL, and a set of operators ready to use for helping application port GPU processor.