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GRUB2 and Yeeloong

Speaker(s) : Vladimir Serbinenko
Language : English Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Friday 9 July 2010 Schedule : 09h40 Duration : 60 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi B
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The talk

Yeeloong, Fuloong and LynLoong are computer manufactured by Lemote. They are based on the Loongson-2F CPU which implements the mipsel 64-bit architecture. They are currently the laptops that respect freedom the best. The only problem that remains is the embedded controller firmware (the OpenEC project works on fixing this).

We will present GRUB2 and Multiboot, after summarizing quickly what GRUB1 was. Then we will present Yeeloong and explain why it was chosen and how specific it is. Finally we detail how GRUB2 was ported on Yeeloong, its advantages, issues, what was achieved, and what is planned.

The speaker

Vladimir Serbinenko is one of the GRUB2 maintainers. It wrote the MIPS port and contributed to all other ports.