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Enna/Geekbox: a software for mediacenter

Speaker(s) : Nicolas Aguirre
Language : Français Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Thursday 8 July 2010 Schedule : 09h20 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi E

Enna is a mediacenter software, allowing users to show pictures, play video and music in a GNU/Linux environment. It is based on the EFL libraries (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and GeeXboX. This software can be run either on small and memory-constrained systems, or on a bigger home computers plugged to HD screens. Enna is also the latest user interface of the GeeXboX project (in its 2.0alpha2 version), which is a LiveCD and GNU/Linux distribution GNU/Linux multimedia oriented since 2002.

I would like to present how the EFL allowed us to design Enna, a lightweight, simple, fast and themable interface, as well as the advanced features that we have developped in the GeeXboX libraries and their use in Enna.

The speaker

Nicolas Aguirre is the initial author and the main developer of Enna, in his spare time. He joined the GeeXboX team since more than 2 years now and participate as a developer and Enlightenment project user (bug fixing, Audio/Video libraries development). He is also a member of the Enlightenment France association, as a secretary. (Non profit association).

Presentation slides

PDF - 712.6 kb
Enna/Geekbox a mediacenter software