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Ebook hacking

Speaker(s) : Jesse Vincent
Language : English Level : Newbie Nature : Conference
Transversal topics: In english

Building on earlier work for Amazon’s original Kindle reader, I figured out how to build a homebrew software update for the Kindle 2. I started by installing an SSH server. In my quest for a more "open" ebook experience, I ended up building a complete compiler toolchain, Perl, Python and Qt before finally ending up creating an on-device document conversion service.

Later, I ported to the Kindle and brought up an Ubuntu user environment. More recently, I’ve been exploring Barnes & Noble’s competing "nook" ebook reader.

In this talk, I’ll share some of the amazing (and awful) things I’ve learned as I’ve explored these ebook readers.

The speaker:

Jesse Vincent is the founder of Best Practical Solutions and the creator of Request Tracker, the leading opensource ticketing system. He’s the current project leader or ’pumpking’ for Perl 5. He has an unfortunate habit purchasing new gadgets designed to save time or make life easier…and ending up developing software for them.

In 2008, he bought one of the first phones running Android and ended up creating K-9 Mail, an advanced opensource email client.

More recently, he bought an ebook reader and found himself writing embedded ebook conversion software.

He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts in the US with his wife Kaia and their two cats.

Slides of the presentation:

PDF - 1.4 Mb
Ebook hacking on Kindle