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ECOGRAPPE : reducing power consumption in clusters

Intervenant(s) : Omar Bouslama
Date : Vendredi 9 juillet 2010 Horaire : 17h00 Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : ENSEIRB - Amphi D

Under the project ECOGRAPPE and in partnership with INRIA and Kerlabs, EDF R&D focuses on reducing energy consumption in computing clusters.

Several tools have been developed in order to establish an initial assessment and find a ratio between the computing time and power consumption. Reference codes, high consumers at resources level, have been observed in various hardware and software.

  1. What is the optimal number of nodes to run a code ?
  2. A code is energetically more efficient if it runs on a short period using the maximum resources or a longer but with fewer resources ?

The results of these experiments will be presented as well.

SPeaker : Omar Bouslama

Omar Bouslama is student at the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), in training graduation at EDF R & D Clamart under the supervision of Daniel Leprince.