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Driving To The LSM

From Bordeaux Bypass

  • Coming from Paris, follow the Bayonne signposts (blue)
  • Coming from Bayonne and Spain, follow the Paris signs (blue)
  • Coming from Toulouse, Marseilles, Spain, Italy, follow the Mérignac Aéroport signposts (green)

From all these, choose exit #16 « Talence, Domaine Universitaire »


  • At the traffic lights, turn right to Bordeaux then straight on for ca. 1 km
  • You arrive at a roundabout, make 3/4 turn
  • Take left, Avenue de l’Université
  • At the first roundabout, make a 1/2 turn and follow the Bibliothèque signposts (Library)
  • The ENSEIRB is the building having a huge antenna on its roof that can be seen behind the University Cafeteria which is in front of you.


  • a parking area is reserved for disabled people