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Demonstration of the OLPC-Sugar project

Intervenant(s) : Jean Thiéry, Jean-François Cauche, Éric Bachard
Langue : Français Niveau : Débutant Type d'événement : Démonstration
Date : Samedi 10 juillet 2010 Horaire : 09h20 Durée : 240 minutes
Lieu : Village du libre - Espace éducation


Education software has been developed for thirty years in many laboratories, particularly in the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

These researches lead in 2005 to the creation of the OLPC foundation promoting One Laptop Per Child. More than one million OLPC-XO laptops are presently used worldwide.

The Sugar Labs association develops free-libre education software for low-price hardware : USB keys, recycled computers, netbooks and soon tablet PCs.

This project, initially centered on primary school, now develops free-libre software for high-school.

We propose to present

  • two OLPC-XO laptops,
  • the Sugar system on a USB key (Sugar on a Stick) and
  • Sugar-OLPC software run in a standard Linux distribution(Unbuntu 10.04).

Complementary demonstrations could be presented by other volunteers. SoaS (Sugar on a Stick) keys could also be prepared on request.