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Debts and Budget Cuts across Europe - can Free Software contribute to a solution ?"

With a severe crisis of the Euro having been averted only temporarily by a 750 billion plan, it has become clear that Europe’s governments need to undergo severe budget cuts for a long time. Meanwhile, economic growth stalls and unemployment rises, implying increasing social spendings and less tax revenues. The question, thus, is how to achieve more with less. The talk tries to evaluate the question whether or not Free Software (maybe in sage combination with other measures) might or might not be able to make a substantial contribution to a sustainable solution.


  • David Gümbel

David is the founder of ITOMIG GmbH, an independent consulting and service firm specializing in the adoption of Open Source software and open standards. He has contributed to various OSS projects including Wine, Gentoo Linux, or KDE. At ITOMIG, he supports companies and clients from the public sector in creating and implementing their own Open Source strategy. Living in Strasbourg and Berlin, David has been invited to speak at the “Journées Poste de Travail Libre” in France, the European Commission’s OSOR Municipalities Community Workshop in Belgium, Linuxtag in Germany, and a number of other national and international events. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Economics from Tübingen University (Germany) and Université de Franche-Comté (France).