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Debian Edu Blend

Speaker(s) : Andreas Tille
Language : English Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Tuesday 6 July 2010 Schedule : 15h20 Duration : 40 minutes
Place: LaBRI - Amphi 050
Transversal topics: In english


Debian Edu (also known as the project behind SkoleLinux) is one of the most successful and widely used Blends. The talk will cover in how far the Blends techniques [1]are used for instance the tasks pages [2] and the developer oriented bugs pages [3].

Moreover a glimpse into the future of even better integration regarding automatic generation of menus and installation media into the Blends framework will be given.

The talk will also give an introduction into Debian EzGo [4] which is an education related Blend adapted for Taiwan and in how far the use of common techniques inside Debian makes development easier.


Andreas Tille was born in 1967. He’s married and has a son of age 19. Beeing a physicist by profession he’s now working as information scientist in a medical institute.

He’s using Free Software since 1994 and became Debian maintainer in 1998. In 2002 he started the Debian Med project and tried to apply the used techniques in a general Blends framework.