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ConnMan, a connection manager for your embedded devices

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ConnMan is a Linux daemon for managing networking connections within embedded devices. It is the key networking component of the MeeGo distribution.

By keeping the ConnMan architecture modular we’re trying to minimize its footprint, dependencies and resources usage while leaving space for new feature additions through its plugin interface.

This talk will go through ConnMan architecture, design and features. We will quickly look at its core code and we will see what it take to extend it through plugin additions. Then we will describe how connman interacts with other key open source networking components like wpasupplicant, BlueZ and oFono.

Finally we will talk about ConnMan’s roadmap, the new features to be expected and the various development paths we’re trying to follow.

The speaker :

I am Samuel Ortiz and I am a software engineer working at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center (OTC). I currently lead the engineering efforts for the ConnMan project.

Presentation slides :

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ConnMan, a connection manager for your embedded devices