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Client-side test automation in JavaScript

Speaker(s) : Fabrice Bonny, Mickaël Hoareau, Samuel Martin, Élie Sloïm
Language : Français Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Wednesday 7 July 2010 Schedule : 11h20 Duration : 20 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi A

A lot of tools automate websites quality validation regarding code, accessibility or performances. Those robots are generally server dependant and you can’t retrieve reports, due to a lack of API or data exchange format.

The Opquast Reporting team will show you how to setup a JavaScript-based validator, powered by jQuery and JSON. This validator is able to retrieve rules and emit results.
Elie will also unveil his work-in-progress on data format definition and quality-oriented API.

This presentation will help you to dive in test automation and how to build you own tools for this purpose.

The Speakers

Fabrice Bonny

Co-founder of OpenWeb and Opquast projects. He is managing the R&D aspect within Temesis.

Mickaël Hoareau

He is managing tools at Temesis and on the Opquast Reporting platform.

Samuel Martin

Web ingeneer, performances oriented.

Élie Sloïm

CEO of Temesis, OpenWeb contributor and co-founder of the Opquast project.