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Speaker(s) : Stéphane Alnet
Language : Français Level : Confirmed Nature : Conference
Date : Thursday 8 July 2010 Schedule : 14h20 Duration : 20 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi A

The Talk is the Free Software, large-scale, highly-available communications system for the enterprise, higher-education, non-profit, and governmental entities. It is currently in use by 2 Internet Service Providers (one in France, one in the USA), will be deployed by FDN, for their telephony project.

The talk will be both political and technical:

  • how the project takes importance in the spread of the new generation of local Internet access providers;
  • special features to provide a customer oriented service;
  • description of used components (OpenSIPS, FreeSwitch, ejabberd etc.);
  • description of provided components (redundancy systems, XMPP system communication bus, communication plans management etc.).

The Speakers

Stéphane Alnet

Stéphane Alnet has presented on the topic of opensource telephony at conferences in the U.S. and in France.

In 2007, he left Cisco Systems to dedicate himself to the development and promotion of opensource in the telecommunications arena, especially in phone systems and SIP technology.

A self-described "telecom artisan", he developed the large-scale telecommunications platform.
His interests include the routing of emergency calls, voice / video and instant messaging integration, and the management of distributed systems.