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Archos mobile platform

Intervenant(s) : Chidambar Zinnoury
Langue : English Niveau : Débutant Type d'événement : Conférence
Date : Samedi 10 juillet 2010 Durée : 0 minutes
Thèmes transversaux : En anglais

Mobile embedded devices are becoming more and more capable in terms of processing power, thus transforming Internet tablets into a real alternative to netbooks or even laptops.

These devices are mostly built around power efficient ARM-platforms. Software-wise, many components if not the entire platform are based upon open-source solutions : for instance Android and Maemo (now Meego) have gained a large share both in the industry and for consumers.

Archos choice for the Internet Tablet devices is Android ; however the devices are open to creative development with dual OS thanks to special developer edition firmware based on the Ångström distribution/OpenEmbedded framework.

This presentation focuses on how software developers can benefit from using Archos’ open mobile platforms, in order to expand their usage models and target new creative unexpected field of applications.

The speaker

An ESIAL graduate, Chidambar Zinnoury has been working for a year for Archos, where he worked on porting the Android platform to the mobile tablets. Contributor to the Enlightenment project, and the now defunct Mkezx, he contributed in the past to creating and improving networking protocols pertaining to mobile devices at Motorola.

Presentation slides

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Archos mobile platform