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This website is organized in a hierarchy of articles, whose structure is detailed on the map page.

Each page starts with a menu composed of a few shortcut links and the logo of the meeting, and then the article itself : a summary in braces { } of the position with the article hierarchy, an optional list of sub-categories, and the text of the article.

After the text, links are available notably to change the current language and search for a page.

The conferences program is organized in tables. When no topic is selected, topics show up as columns, and days and time as lines. When a topic is selected, days show up as columns, and time as lines.

A linear version of the program is also available ; depending on the browser and screen reader being used, it may be more accessible.

Access to the meeting itself is described in the transportation page. Some accomodation accessible to handicap people will also be available on the accomodation page. During subscription on the reservation site, please describe any particularity that we will take into account in our organization.