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Accessibility and Handicap Topic program project

Presentation of the accessibility and handicap topic | Program project | Proposing a conference - contact us

Presentation of the accessibility and handicap topic

Accessibility and handicap is everybody’s matter, in all situations, at all levels. That is why for its 2010 edition, LSM made it a transverse topic, to favour contacts between various libre software actors and accessibility and handicap aspects.

To better focus the exchanges that will take place, the program of the accessibility and handicap topic is composed of several kinds of meetings :

  • Transverse conferences to "go and meet" other topics, centered on the subject of the topic with an accessibility approach. For instance, web accessibility in the Internet session, or an introduction to good practices for accessibility in the Development topic. Such conferences may have several aspects : user testimony, or on the contrary a more technical talk about methods to apply, tools to know, etc.
  • Conferences dedicated to accessibility and free software :
    • "Broad audience" conferences, with a permanent booth and conferences or round tables in amphitheaters, to meet the various schedules of visitors. These conferences have two kinds of goals : to heighten public’s awareness of accessibility issues, which everybody will a priori be faced with someday, but also to explain and argument why there can not be real accessibility without freedom. Free software and accessibility are tightly bound and the free software approach has a lot of advantages over proprietary approaches, both from a philosophical and a technical point of view. Indeed, free software already proves its abilities : yes, one can play chess on the Internet while being blind !
    • "State of the Art" conferences between users and developers, to discuss about what exists to fill users’ specific needs, what works more or less, discuss approaches, …
    • "Technical" conferences between developers of accessibility solutions (thus not broad audience), useful rendez-vous point in this domain where people work together via the Internet since sometimes long, but who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to meet in real life !

Program project

For now, essentially conference ideas (marked with a " ?" line header), nothing is scheduled yet, any idea is welcome !

Presentation of the accessibility and handicap topic

Conferences "Go and meet"

These conferences will take place during the other topics of LSM.
  • Technical topic
    • System Administration session
      •  ? Testimony
      •  ? Which tools ?
    • Development session
      •  ? Testimony
      •  ? Methods, tools
    • Embedded systems and open hardware session
      •  ? Testimony : hardware, expensiveness, public funding ?
      •  ? Toward accessible hardware ? (ISO Norm, …)
      •  ? A free braille device ?
    • Operating System session
      •  ? Accessibility mechanisms ?
      •  ? Example of accessibility tools and specific configurations on various Linux systems
    • Security session
      •  ? Why blind people are a priori paranoid ?
    • Internet session
      •  ? Internet : an opportunity to equalize chances for handicaped people ?
      •  ? Web accessibility, quid Web 2.0, flash etc. ?
      •  ? Toward a workflow for web accessibility, beyond WCAG
      •  ? Auditing a web page : tutorials - methods, tools, good practices…
      •  ? Being overzealous is bad for Web accessibility : pitfalls to avoid.
  • Libre Culture, Art, Entertainement topic
    •  ?
  • Social And Solidarity Economy - Sustainable Development topic
    •  ? Accessibility, an essential component for sustainable development.
  • Sciences, Education, Popular Education topic
    •  ? How to welcome handicaped students ? Which solutions ?
  • Corporate, Business & FLOSS topic
    •  ? Adapt, or pay funding contributions ? What does libre software bring in the balance ?
    •  ? Accessibility, open standards and Open Interoperability Referencials
    •  ? sustainable development : funding accessibility to improve corporation image
  • Local Authorities, Administration and Public Policies topic
    •  ? At last a free speech synthesis with good quality, funded by public finances ?
    •  ? Accessibility costs : funding technical aids in specialized institutes to improve efficiency.
    •  ? Buildings : how to properly set up accessibility ?
    •  ? Online services accessibility : a legal obligation for public institutions and State services. What does law impose ? How to respect it ? What assets software tools provide ?

Conferences dedicated to accessibility and free software

"Broad Audience" conferences
  •  ? We are all concerned, for ourselves or for our relatives
  •  ? What does a braille device look like ?
  •  ? How on earth can you drive a computer without a mouse ?!
  •  ? How on earth can you drive a computer without hands ?!
  •  ? Differents "kinds" of handicap and technical solutions to access computers.
  •  ? Web, a written media. Which alternatives for death people or with cognitive disabilities ?
  •  ? Handicap actors, professionals and associations : what room for computers ? What usage of the computer by people with disabilities ? How is free software perceived ?
  • Accessibility and free software : meeting of the April workgroup.

"State of the Art" conferences
  •  ? Software/distributions presentations ?
  •  ? User/developers discussions ?
  •  ? Web accessibility expert : toward professionalism ?

"Technical" conferences
  •  ? Getting both quality and various languages in speech synthesis ?

Proposing a conference - contact us

To propose a conference or a conference topic, please read the submission information and contact us using the following address :