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A new Savane

Speaker(s) : Sylvain Beucler
Date : Wednesday 7 July 2010 Schedule : 15h00 Duration : 20 minutes
Place: ENSEIRB - Amphi C
Transversal topics: In english

The conference

PDF - 999.9 kb

Savane is an early fork of the SourceForge software, aimed at mass hosting for free software projects. It powers public forges such as GNU Savannah and Gna!, as well as internal development sites.

After years of evolution, Savane is now being rewritten. This talks will discuss the technologies in use, and the design goals to face the new opportunities and threats to free software.

The speaker

Sylvain Beucler discovered the Free Software world 10 years ago. He maintains the GNU Savannah platform, the GNU FreeDink game and is a Debian contributor (especially with the Game team) and is the main author of the MySQL WikiBook.

See also the room dedicated to software forges hosting the PlanetForge community meetup.