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2010 Libre Software Meeting Call for paper

Libre Software Meeting

The Libre Software Meeting (LSM or RMLL in French for Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) is conferences cycle about Free Software. LSM is an annual event born in 2000 and since 2003, it occurs in a different town each year. LSM are free as in beer and as a speech :-) No fees, no places limit.

2010 LSM edition

2010 LSM will take place in Bordeaux from 6 to 11 July. 2010 LSM will have 7 main topics (each topic will host several more focused sessions) :

  • Technical Topic
  • Libre Culture, Art and Entertainement
  • Social and Solidarity Economy - Sustainable Development
  • Accessibility and Handicap
  • Sciences, Education and Popular Education
  • Corporate, Business and FLOSS
  • Local Authorities, Administration and Public Policies

This year, LSM will have also 2 transversal topics :

  • Sustainable development
  • Accessibility

LSM has also set up a partnership with the international solidarity summit organized by CRID and RADSI from 7 to 10 of July at Pessac, near Bordeaux.

Talk requirements :

  • Language : French, Spanish or English,
  • Duration : we can sum up 20 minutes slots. We just have to respect break time.

Your proposal :