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We’ve set up several ways of communicating with the LSM2010 Team. First of all, you may send the organization team an email to contact (at) Your message will be directed to the most appropriate person who’ll come back to you as soon as possible. For any remark or question about the programme, feel free to contact the programme directors: programme (at) . We also have a mailing list, which address is: rmll (at), and through which you’ll receive the (...)


This website is organized in a hierarchy of articles, whose structure is detailed on the map page. Each page starts with a menu composed of a few shortcut links and the logo of the meeting, and then the article itself: a summary in braces of the position with the article hierarchy, an optional list of sub-categories, and the text of the article. After the text, links are available notably to change the current language and search for a page. The conferences program is organized in (...)